Frequently Asked Questions

When you listen to music on streaming apps like Spotify, the artist / creator receives a royalty (e.g. artists like Drake, J Balvin and Post Malone earned $53 million, $40 million and $37 million respectively from Spotify alone in 2020).

Donate a Beat also creates albums with a variety of music for you to enjoy. Every time you stream one of our songs, the royalty gets donated to the cause mentioned in the song title.

Our mission is to create a better world through music. Help us by sharing Donate a Beat.

Our artists create albums suitable for a variety of activities such as relaxing, focusing, working out and more.

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Currently you can support one of the following causes through Donate a Beat:

  • Animal Welfare: This helps rescuing / rehabilitating animals and protecting their natural habitats.
  • Child Welfare: This helps support education, nutrition, healthcare and other basic needs of children.
  • Environmental Protection: This helps to prevent climate change and preserve the biodiversity present in our forests, oceans, rivers and more.
  • Disaster Relief: This helps people affected by disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes.
  • Social Welfare: This helps create a healthier, safer and more equitable future for everyone.

The money is donated to the following internationally accredited charities:

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Producing new music for your enjoyment and managing our operations does require money. We receive a small percentage of the royalty (typically 10%) which is used to meet these expenses while the remaining 90% of the royalty gets donated to the charities mentioned above.